You are a Sunset

by Paul Goodchild on May 24, 2012


You are a sunset

Sunsets are beautiful, right?

When was the last time you treated someone – a real person – as less than you would a beautiful sunset?

Not long ago, eh?

Why is that? Why do we de-humanize people so quickly?

Obviously it makes us feel better/superior – but you are and I am, believe it or not, no better than the next person. So when you categorize, label and disrespect someone, you’re disrespecting yourself.

To label someone as different to you, labels yourself. And labels suck.

Ubuntu: I See You

Next time you look at someone, really see them – imagine for a moment they’re as special as a sunset, and treat them accordingly. (I don’t mean take their photo)

Yes, do it first. You might think they’re acting like a dick, but that’s okay, what have you got to lose?  This isn’t about how they feel just yet, but how you feel.

I need to do the very same.

I’m a sunset too.

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  • dhia

    Too Deep Duuude, worried abouchya :0

    • heheh, nothing to worry about my friend! It’s all good. 🙂

  • Jo

    I like this a lot…

  • Andy (Goodchild)

    I don’t really know about blogs – other than I love yours! Keep contact – blogs or emails maybe the latter as they’re more private- Andy:) (ps sorry we didn’t get to actually meet up when you were over)

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