A New Focus – The Business Of Running A Business

by Paul Goodchild on March 4, 2013

It’s been ages since I wrote.

Lots of reasons for this, one being that we’ve launched a new start-up business that’s starting to really make some traction.

Long days and long weeks, have been sapping my creative energy leaving little room for writing.

But, I’m hoping to change that with a slight shift in focus on this blog, by writing about the things I’m doing and learning as I go along.

I’m hoping what I write about will help guide others who are managing their own websites, their small businesses, or starting to think about creating their own enterprise.

I’ll be linking out to, talking about, and offering tutorials on, all manner of topics and resources relating to what we’re working, and focusing, on in our business.

Stay tuned!  : )

For now, have a wee look at this cool video. While you’re watching, have think about how you’re connecting with your audience… is it personal, authentic, and are you asking the right questions?

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