One man’s junk is another man’s treasure

by Paul Goodchild on December 17, 2013

Treasure ChestYesterday I had a wake up call on my arrogance.

Fairly simple – I told someone, that I care deeply for, that their values were essentially not becoming of them.

It wasn’t my intent to actually say that because I don’t feel that way about them, but that’s how it sounded and that’s how it was interpreted.  So not cool.

I took something that was important to them, that’s not important to me, and said I thought they could de better than waste their time focusing on that.

The response I got back was immediate and heart felt, and I was ashamed. It stuck with me for the rest of the day and made me question what it was exactly I had wanted to say, and how I really felt.

Who am I to insinuate to anyone that they need to spruce up their values a little; since when have I become a “values fascist”?

Lesson Learned. Again.

Just because you think you might be open minded and take a live-and-let-live kind of approach, they’re all still labels at the end of the day.

The danger of associating yourself too closely with who you think you are is still there.

And that’s when arrogance creeps in and you begin to set yourself apart from others.  When I saw that in myself yesterday, it was horrible, and a sharp reminder to wind my neck in.

Something to consider- next time we judge others for placing importance on something that we find to be “clearly” unimportant, we need to have a care that we’re not just being a prick.

There is never any justification in bringing others down.

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