Just One Thing

by Paul Goodchild on December 27, 2014

It’s easy to start thinking of all the new, wonderful things you’ll do with your life when X happens.

X can be anything. It can be the 1st of January.  It can be when you get that new job.  It can be when a relationship breaks up and you’re released back into the wild again.

Wishing for shit is a trick we play on ourselves. It’s the wool we pull over our eyes to hide us from the truth – if we’d really, really and truly wanted what we planned for to happen, we’d have made it there a long time ago.

There’s a reason you haven’t taken steps towards it already, and why you never seem to “find the time” to get it done.

You don’t want it.

Don’t get me wrong, you think you want it. You probably even know you want it.

But you don’t want it; not enough; not really.

Ever noticed how quickly you find water when you need it? There is no stopping you.

That pair of shoes you loved in the shop – you got them, didn’t you?

What about that job, or the promotion? You worked your ass off and you got that too.

Have you noticed when a need goes deep and it’s all you can think of, when you’re focused on it and nothing else, you usually get it?  It’s the same for most of us.

It’s the foundation of the much misunderstand “Secret” – the law of attraction.  It’s not some magical force where the Universe hears your petty needs and answers because this time you reeeeeaally want it.  It’s simply because when we want something, when that desire is strong enough to weave its way into our lives and our hearts, we move towards it with all our energy.

And if there’s anything that can be said about you… when you get down and focus on achieving something, you get it done.  Right?

Please, don’t make a new years resolutions list

Those lists are that “wool” I was referring to earlier. A list of wanna-bes is mildly motivating but they hinder more than they help.

Use Your Get Shit Done Super Power

Time To Use Your “Get Shit Done” Super Power

It scatters your focus and weakens your “get shit done” super power.

Instead, take time to think about what’s really important for you in the coming year.

Don’t make a list of wanna-bes – make a list of candidates.  Then simply ask this question of each candidate on the list:

If I only get one thing done this year, I’d be happy if it was “X”.

Make sure that one thing, big or small, is really important to you.

Let that one thing infuse your soul. Imagine your life very clearly with that change already in place.

Whet your appetite for it. Get thirsty for it.

Remember – just one thing.

Now, burn the list. Really, please, burn it, eat it, do whatever it takes to get it out of your life.

Write down your one thing on a separate piece of paper – summarise it in a few words and take a photo of it. Make that photo the background picture on your phone, on your computer desktop, your iPad.

Sellotape those words to your to your bathroom mirror or your forehead, or both.

Start to believe it. And start making steps towards that one thing today, no matter how small. Don’t wait until the 1st January.

Remember to wake up every morning and remind yourself of what you’re about. Anything that stands in your way to getting that one thing must be seriously challenged.

Imagine the change this dream will make and start living that change now.

Not today… now.

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