What is your North Star?

by Paul Goodchild on August 13, 2016

North StarKnowing your North Star infuses you with a power and motivation to “make good art” when it’s otherwise easy to get distracted.

This simple way to articulate this is something I picked up from Gary Vee’s book a while back. What does your life look like 10 years out? Are you getting closer to realising that, and do you even know what that looks like?

It doesn’t mean “I’ll have a yacht when I’m 40”. It goes a bit deeper than that.

What will you have created and achieved? Who will you have connected with along the way? How did you treat the people around you on your way there?

Perhaps capturing Pokemons for 3hrs today might not actually being helping you. Will getting drunk, or watching 4hrs of news/TV do it for you instead?

Before you zone out or go back to sleep, try to picture your life a little beyond where you’re going out next weekend. Imagine how fantastic it would be to design and create your life how you want it.

With your North Star defined, you can always check-in to see if you’re sabotaging yourself, or actually doing your life’s work.

If you don’t know where you’re going, you wont have a clue where you’ll end up. This is lovely while you wander around Seville, but not so great when it’s your life.

Get clear on what your North Star is (keep it simple) and start towards it today.
(Or you could just go out and get pissed)

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