About Paul Goodchild and the ‘Plog’

What’s my story then?

I started this site way back in… 2008. It’s gone through a few different iterations, but the latest is as you see it today: Plog – Paulie’s Blog.

This site hosts my musings on all manner of topics that come up in my life… usually centring around health, self-improvement, travel, IT & Tech, and business.

I have left all the archives in tact, so if you want to explore some of the stuff I used to write about, it’s all there.

Also, at one point I thought it was a clever idea to start a 2nd blog, and I called it “Travel With Paulie”.  I have since folded it and moved all content here. To find all that writing and learn about life on the road, and some of the fantastic experiences I had there, you can go to the Travel With Paulie section here.

Currently I’m trying to develop a lifestyle that is not dependent on any particular location, and one that allows me to pursue any personal goals and dreams.

Right now, that sees me living in Spain, learning Spanish, starting a new business, and meeting many wonderful people.

Who is Paul Goodchild?

me - Paul GoodchildSo this blog is about what I learn, where I share insights and my growing appreciation for life and the balance we need to maintain throughout.

While I travel and explore I try to make enough money by doing an independent business.

On this site you’ll find articles on topics ranging from:

  • IT & technology tips and information,
  • some of my health and fitness tips/experience,
  • personal development insights
  • a travel diary of sorts and my volunteering experience

If you would like to keep updated as the journey unfolds, check out the form on the right to sign-up to the newsletter – and no, I absolutely do not SPAM. You will also get a free ebook with 5 top tech tips to help secure your computer and get your tech life on the right track once again.

Check out my work profile for more information about the technical aspect of my journey.

Thank you for reading.

Consider the following quote from a great song…

There’s those thinking more or less, less is more.

But if less is more, how are you keeping score?

Means for every point you make your level drops,

Kinda like you’re starting from the top.

You can’t do that.

To listen to this song see below.