Manage your Money

How to lose your wealth by doing nothing

May 18, 2009

I’d like to introduce you to the term ‘understatement’: We are in very uncertain economic times. So what’s new?  What is new, is how you should handle your finances/money/wealth.  Anyone who hasn’t been an adult during a depression will hopefully have realised by now that anything they have experienced up until this point will not […]

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Your interest in Interest

October 30, 2008

Interest charged on loans forms a huge flaw in the banking system. Understanding bank loans makes navigating our money system much easier. It’s easy!

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Money as Debt

October 24, 2008

Ever wondered what money is and how it’s created? Where does money come from and why do things always seem to get more expensive? Find out here!

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Strike while the currency is hot!

September 4, 2008

Anyone who’s living in Japan and changing their hard-earned yen into foreign currency would be prudent to take a quick look at the state of the currency market at the moment.  Not always the easiest topic to explain, but if you’re converting to GBP, or Aussie dollar, Euro … then now is a decent time […]

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