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Back in the day, when this blog started out, I used to categorise all the posts.

I’ve since learned that that’s all really a bit pointless as more often than not, posts can fall into several categories and it makes management a bit of a pain in the ass.

But for the sake of completeness I’ve created this page so you can browse the previous categories.

Archive: Grow Your Mind

This section is for all those posts that deal with psychology and aspects of the mind and ego. Basically trying to explore your mind and ways of thinking so as to solve problems of our lives that originate from limitations caused by our way of thinking.

Archive: Honour Your Health

To balance out the growth of the mind, we need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This section talks about experiences I’ve had in attempting to address this aspect of our lives.

Archive: How To

A collection of How-To articles usually covering how to perform computer-based technical tasks.

Archive: Photography

I don’t write so much about photography now, but it’s something I spent a lot time mastering and I wrote some articles in the past to relay what I’d learned.

Archive: Manage Your Money

If there’s one topic we all need to learn and understand more, it’s money and how we can manage it. Keeping your eye on the ball when it comes to your money doesn’t make you a bad person regardless of what people tell.

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