How I compute – A “round” up

November 10, 2010
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This article is simply to bring together the 5 recent posts I’ve made about important ways to compute.  There’s nothing new here, just a listing of the the articles and a summary of each: Security: the most essential of all the articles to rid your PC of the demons lurking in the background. Web Browsing: […]

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How I compute – Part 5: No room for ‘whoops’!

November 8, 2010

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been relaying to you a few things I think are important when it comes to computing.  This is how I do the things I do, and while I’ll not win awards for my ‘amazingness’, I’m efficient and I navigate my digital life with confidence and surety.  And I […]

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How I compute – Part 4: E-books and the Amazon Kindle

November 4, 2010

The Amazon Kindle is a brilliant device for reading e-books and buying books while travelling. Read on to find out what I think of it and how to manage your ever-growing e-book library.

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How I compute – Part 3: Tackling the bloat

October 31, 2010

Is your computer slow?  Perhaps it’s old… perhaps it’s not old.  Are you considering buying a new one?  Computers are like cars, you need to keep it maintained if you want it to run well and not suddenly conk out on you when you least expect it.  In this article, I’m going to show you […]

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How I compute – Part 2: Web Browsing

October 28, 2010

In this part of the series, I’m going to tackle the ‘Web Browser’.  What it is, and why you need it to be one of the most reliable pieces of software on your computer.  But first, before we go anywhere, if you haven’t looked at Part 1, head over there now and follow that through […]

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How I compute – Part 1: Exorcise the demons in your PC

October 25, 2010

If the term ‘security’ is new to you, I’d wager you have never been online before and this is, randomly, the first article you’ve ever read.  You don’t have to go very far to meet some reference to the concept, and for very good reason.  Whether you’re aware of it or not, you are being […]

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The online traveller, part 1: 6 basic ways to stay safe online

April 23, 2010

Before I set out I gave a lot of thought about how I was going to move around and retain some sort of consistency with regards my computing environment. Anyone who has been to southeast Asia and experienced the amazing diversity of internet cafes will have first hand “same. same. but different” experience- Yes, it’s ‘Internet’; no, it’s not the same.

In this particular article I’ll deal with basic security, since most safety risks can be mitigated simply through awareness of the footprint we make when we sit down in front of a computer. I’ll follow this article up at a later date with further options for the extra security-conscious traveller.

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