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Digital Photography Concepts: Camera RAW

March 4, 2009

This topic is discussed and questioned all over the web, so why do I feel the need to talk about it here?  There’s just something not intuitive about some attempts to articulate it…  we all have different way to describe things, so the more explanations out there, the better.  Hopefully this will help clear up […]

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Digital camera buying guide [Part II]: What a D-SLR can offer

February 24, 2009

In the previous article I touched upon the 2 main extremes of digital cameras, namely SLRs, and compacts.  The former is bulky and expensive, while the latter is small, slim and cheap. What is a D-SLR and why would I want one? SLR is an acronym for Single Lens Reflex.  This represents the mirror and […]

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Digital camera buying guide [Part I]: Where do I start?

October 31, 2008

There are so many cameras out there, and so many options to consider that picking a digital camera can be quite daunting.  Isn’t it an odd phenomenon that with more choice comes less satisfaction?  Very often we find ourselves wondering if in-fact we chose the ‘wrong’ one… maybe there’s a better one that I didn’t […]

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