A holiday from travel

October 29, 2010
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A brief update on my travelling and why I’ve decided to stop for now, and what I plan to do for the foreseeable future.

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Working to live vs. living to work

May 4, 2009

Are you living each day for your work? Have you misplaced the role that work plays in your life – that is as a facilitator. When you’re working overtime to pay the bills and feed you and your family, you’re trading in your most valuable asset – time – for stuff. Is it worth it?

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The Pareto Principle: 80/20 rule

April 17, 2009

Life is all about rules unfortunately.  Some make complete sense; some make law and by today’s standard are completely nonsensical. Some however, like Pareto’s Principle, are genius. It basically states that roughly 80% of the output is derived from 20% of the input.  Or alternatively: 80% of the progress/work is done in 20% of the […]

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