Personal Development

When is ‘less’ really ‘more’?

July 10, 2009

You’ve heard this before, “less is more” and sometimes we mumble to ourselves that “Yup, it sure is” and almost immediately we’ve moved on because in reality, we don’t actually think about what this represents.  I mean seriously, how can less be more?  Then there’s “too much of a good thing“.  Sure, why don’t I […]

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The ‘need’ for friendship

June 15, 2009

While at university a decade ago I met some really fantastic people, some of which I’m still in regular contact with today, most of which however I’m not. It was at this time I had a friendship that was both wonderful and tragic all at once, that taught me things about myself and about friendships […]

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Infatuation: Flights of fancy

June 8, 2009

This is a bit of a random post, somewhat outside of the normal theme of my writings of late.  They’re usually a bit more structured and based on sky high principles of living a better life, but today, I feel like writing about a topic we all have to deal with:  infatuation

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Working to live vs. living to work

May 4, 2009

Are you living each day for your work? Have you misplaced the role that work plays in your life – that is as a facilitator. When you’re working overtime to pay the bills and feed you and your family, you’re trading in your most valuable asset – time – for stuff. Is it worth it?

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Why going on a diet sucks

April 22, 2009

Going on a diet, restricting what you can eat for the sole purposes of rapid weight loss isn’t a fun pursuit. Better to approach your diet in moderation, not restriction.

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Just a dumb old mountain…

September 7, 2008

A song has recently piqued my interest lately.  It’s called “Penny to my name”, by Eva Cassidy.  To listen to it, it’s not a particularly uplifting song by any means, and it’s flat, melancholy chords don’t do anything to brighten your day.  It does however have significance in several ways when it comes to considering […]

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What would excite me?

August 19, 2008

I’ve been taking a go at re-reading  only this time a little more thoroughly and with a view to take notes as I go along -there’s so much in there that it’s impossible to remember all the salient points without jotting down at least a few pointers along the way.  One quote I took down […]

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