Feeling Great

by Paul Goodchild on November 22, 2009


Be Happy! =)

Lately, I’ve been feeling particularly good about things.  I think articulating through the blog of a couple of significant issues on my mind recently has, as is the case when we talk about things and journal, sorted through the mish-mash and the jumble a little.

So what am I feeling good about?

This is hard to isolate, since it’s no one thing in particular.  I wrote some time ago about 5 ways to make your day happy… they are each important in and of themselves and fluctuations in isolation probably wont impact your life too greatly, but I think in combination, it really makes a huge difference.

Since I have left a permanent place of residence behind, my days have been a little bit dishevelled and somewhat disorganised.  I’ve never been the best planner in the world, especially on a day-to-day basis, and living in perpetual holiday has made me lazy in several respects.

The difference

Even though I had written the article about the 5 way to make your day happier, I had to be reminded to follow my own advice.

I wasn’t meditating nearly as often as I used to.  It used to be daily, and sometimes twice, but that practice has all but disappeared… until very recently.  I have started meditating again daily, usually before I sleep and I’ve noticed a shift in my peace of mind.

I haven’t had much in the way of exercise, but I got the lend of a bicycle here in Barcelona after the first week and while I haven’t taken a massive amount of trips on it, there’s been a fair few and Barcelona is quite hilly which presents quite an aerobic challenge.

Being in Barcelona and stopping here for a few weeks has afforded me the opportunity to connect with more people again.  Over the last week alone, I have had the chance to talk with more close friends and family over Skype than at any point since I left Japan.  Not only that, I’m staying in Barcelona with another one, and meeting some great people here too.

Probably my weakest point has been my diet.  I haven’t had a fruit smoothie in weeks, but I’ve been eating quite healthily thanks to my wonderful Barcelona host – a hugely generous and fantastic cook 🙂

Smiling… I haven’t been smiling nearly enough while I’m alone.  I’ve had great laughs and fantastic times with people, but I’ve often noticed the lack of a latent smile and I think that was in-part due to underlying stress that I’ve previously discussed.  After posting my last couple of articles, I noticed myself much more conscious than before.  I think just expressing myself has allowed me to recognise it, and effectively release it through surrender to what is.  I can see the bigger picture a little more clearly, I’m taking each day as it comes, and I’m much more self-aware once again.  And so the smile has naturally returned…

The point

I was thinking to myself what the point of this blog post was, but just acknowledging the good times, and thinking about what you’re doing right, and what you have to be thankful for, is just as important or perhaps more so, than dissecting the doubts and fears we may have.

This is because it allows us to create points of reference, anchors if you will, that we may easily reconnect with.  Recalling those periods of positivity and clarity allows us to re-enforce with ourselves the things that work well for us.  For me, I know it’s beneficial when I mediate, when I exercise, eat well and project outward to the people I meet along the way, my positive inner state and well being.  But like anybody else, I need to be reminded of this sometimes.  That’s what friends are for, but it’s good to practice it for yourself too.

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